Terms & Conditions of Hire

2023 Terms, Conditions and Policies

The following terms, conditions, and policies constitute a binding

contract between you and us (Ellis-Frost Marine Limited or Eagle Cottage

t/a King Line Cottages, Ferry Road, Horning, NR12 8PS) for the rental of

holiday home properties .

1. Contract

a. Lodges: Quayside Lodge, Riverside Lodge, Horning Lodge, Lady Lodge,

Kate's Lodge ("the property" as named on the booking statement)

The contract for property rental is between the person named on the

booking statement (“the hirer”), who must be over thirty years of

age, and Ellis-Frost Marine Ltd (“the company”).

Eagle Cottage & Annexe ("the property"):

The contract for property rental is between the person named on the

booking statement ("the hirer"), who must be over thirty years of age,

and ("the owner") executors of J E King deceased or her beneficiaries.

Ellis-Frost Marine Ltd (the company) acts as booking agent and

property manager.

b. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all persons accompanying

them ("guests") assist the hirer in complying with these terms and


c. The total number of guests residing in the property may not exceed

the number advertised and/or the number allowed by law.

d. The contract is binding when the required deposit payment has been

received and a booking statement issued with status “Deposit Paid”,

or when the full payment has been received and a booking statement

subsequently issued.

e. The property may not be sublet and the hirer must stay at the

property when guests are present.

f. The hirer is responsible for the weekly cost of an extended stay by

the hirer or any guest isolating due to Coronavirus.

2. Hire Terms

a. All hire terms are inclusive of VAT where applicable and quoted in

uk pound sterling. Hire terms are guaranteed as detailed in the

booking statement, unless there is an increase in the rate of VAT.

b. The price of unsold property rental periods may be increased or

decreased, and corrections made to errors in advertised prices at

any time before a payment is accepted.

c. The company reserves the right to make an extra charge for the cost

of removing clinical waste

3. Security Deposit (Eagle Cottage only)

A security deposit of £200 per booking will be required. This must

be paid in advance and will be requested with the balance payment.

It will be returned, by the same payment method, minus any

deductions within seven days of the check-out. Deductions will be

taken from the security deposit in the event of:

a. any theft, breakage or damage caused by the hirer or the hirer’s guests

b. wilful neglect of the property and its contents

c. non-compliance with these terms and conditions.

4. Payments and Fees

a. Deposit

i. Property rental bookings are secured by a non-refundable deposit

consisting of both;

Booking Fee equal to 10% of total rental cost; and,

Part-payment equal to 10% of total rental cost

ii. The deposit payment must be made within one week of making a booking.

b. Balance Outstanding

i. The balance payment is due 8 weeks prior to the start of the rental


ii. If the balance is not paid by the due date the company will

endeavour to contact the hirer but reserves the right to consider

the booking as cancelled by the hirer, and treat it in accordance

with Condition 5.

c. Alterations

i. Alterations must be made in writing and a fee of £25 may be charged.

5. Cancellation by you

The hirer is strongly advised to take out travel insurance to cover

any need for cancellation.

a. Cancellation requests must be made in writing.

b. In all cases, the deposit (booking fee and initial part-payment) is


c. Where the full cost of rental has been paid, the company will

endeavour to re-let the property on the same or discounted terms.

Refunds will be limited to the price agreed for the replacement

booking, less the deposit and any direct advertising costs incurred.

6. Cancellation due to COVID-19/Coronavirus or epidemic/pandemic

The potential for an epidemic/pandemic to impact the hirer’s ability

to travel is considered high and no longer an unpredictable


a. When national or local LAWS prohibit holiday accommodation rental, or

travel by all citizens out of their home area, the following choice of

restitution is available to the hirer:

i. monies paid may be used as credit against an alternative rental

period (at the new list price advertised) within one year, and will

not be subject to an alteration fee; or,

ii. a refund of monies paid by the hirer, less the booking fee.

b. When a hirer or guests are required to isolate by law, or they

choose not to travel to the property rented due to government:

advice; requests; rules; or guidance; cancellation may only occur

according to Condition 5.

c. PLEASE NOTE: The booking contract is (ONLY) with the hirer named on

the booking statement. Any new laws preventing groups and households

mixing, rules of six, or similar, will not necessarily prevent the

property rental commencing. The company or property owner may be

required by law to enforce new restrictions on groups and households

mixing, rules of six, or similar.

7. Cancellation made by us

a. We reserve the right to cancel your booking for any reason. Examples

include your failure to abide by these conditions and policies, or

failing to make payments on time. We may need to cancel your booking

due to unforeseen circumstances or for extraordinary reasons beyond our

control. If we cannot fulfil our obligations to you, we will provide a

full refund.

b. If the hirer does not arrive at the property by midday on the day

following the hire start date and has not notified the company of a

delay, it reserves the right to consider the booking as cancelled by

the hirer, and treat it in accordance with Condition 5.

8. Take over of the property

a. Take over time is from 4pm on the hire start date.

b. Every effort will be made to release the property as soon as

possible after that time. If the company is prevented by

circumstances beyond its control from making the property available

and cannot provide a suitable alternative, it will refund all money

paid by the hirer but no further liability will be accepted.

9. Prohibited Activities

a. No pets are allowed in the grounds or property.

b. No smoking inside the properties.

c. No consumption or use of illegal substances inside the property or

within the grounds.

d. Social gatherings that cause a disturbance to neighbouring guests

are not permitted.

e. Boats may not be moored at the property without prior permission.

10. Vacating of the property

The hirer and guests must vacate the property, leaving it in a clean

and tidy condition, by 9:30 am on the final day of hire (check out

date). The company may make a charge of £50 if the property is not

returned in a clean and tidy condition.

11. Minors / Single-Sex Groups

Bookings from persons under 30 years of age or single sex groups

will not be accepted.

12. Unsuitable Hirers

a. The company reserves the right to decline to accept a booking or

refuse to hand over a property to any person or group where in the

opinion of the company they are not suitable for the hire on the

grounds of age, ill health, or any other reason. In such cases all

sums paid shall be refunded in full and the contract shall be

discharged without further liability on either party.

b. The company reserves the right to repossess the property at any time

where a serious disturbance, over-occupancy or damage has occurred

or in the opinion of the company is likely to occur because of the

unsuitability of the hirer due to age, ill health, disability, or

any other reason. In such cases, the company shall not be liable to

make a refund of any portion of the hire terms paid.

13. Hirers Equipment

The hirer and guests may not take into the property, without the

company’s permission; BBQ’s; portable heaters of any type;

candles/naked-flames; lighting equipment; or anything which may

cause danger to the property, its equipment or its occupants.

14. Injury or damage to persons and their property

The company and property owners are not liable for death, personal

injury, or loss or damage to hirers and guests or their property, or

any property belonging to or in the possession or the hirer or any

member of the hirer's party (including any motor cars parked at the

properties, or their contents) unless it is caused by the company's

negligence or wilful default.

15. Deficiencies of the property

The company should be notified of any deficiencies in the property,

it’s furniture, services, electrical appliances or inventory as soon

as it becomes known. Failure to do so may render the hirer liable

for the cost of repairs and/or any further consequential damage.

Claims for shortcomings will not be considered if the company has

not been notified.

16. Damage caused by the Hirer or Guests

a. If damage occurs to the Property as a result of the actions of

the Hirer or Guests during the stay, where the extent of that damage

is so severe that the Company/Owner must (in their sole opinion)

cancel and/or refund subsequent bookings, the Company/Owner may

bring a claim against you for any loss arising as a result,

including the cost of refunding other guests affected by cancelled

Bookings and any additional administrative fees incurred in respect

of the same.

b. Hirers are responsible for wilful or criminal damage to the

property, it's contents, and equipment. Hirers and Guests are

expected to take all reasonable care and to report and pay for any

damage or equipment lost, damaged or stolen. All equipment,

utensils, etc. must be left in a clean condition at the end of

the hire period.

17. Property Delays or Curtailment

Every property is checked before the start of each hire and in the

event of any mechanical failure the right is reserved to delay

take-over until a repair has been corrected.

18. Modifications and Descriptions

Every effort has been made to ensure that individual property

descriptions contained in the brochure and online are correct.

However the right is reserved to make modifications to property

specifications that are considered necessary in the light of

operating requirements. Layout plans in the brochure are for general

guidance and are not to scale.

19. Disputes

Any dispute, difference or question which may at any time arise out

of the contract or the subject- matter thereof shall be referred to

a single arbitrator to be agreed upon between the parties (or

failing agreement to be nominated by the Chartered Institute of

Arbitrators on the application of either party) in accordance with

the provisions of the Arbitration Act, I950. or any statutory

modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force.

20. Loan Equipment

The hirer is responsible for assessing the suitability and safety of loan

(disability) equipment provided and installed by the company.

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© 2022 Ellis-Frost Marine Limited t/a King Line Cottages.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Policy

1. About this policy

1.1 This policy sets our how Electric Vehicles (EV) should be recharged while at the Property and the responsibilities of EV owners in respect of safe charging.

1.2 Any reference to "Property" in this policy is a reference to the Property including any garden, grounds, outbuildings, garages or communal spaces.

1.3 This policy forms part of our contract with you. A breach of this policy will constitute a breach of the contract between us.

2. Who does this policy apply to?

2.1 This policy applies to all members of the Booking Party and such other visitors of the Property. It shall be the responsibility of the Lead Guest to inform all members of the Booking Party and any visitors of this policy.

3. What is an Electric Vehicle?

3.1 For the purpose of this policy an EV is any vehicle that uses electric motors, either fully or partially, to drive its wheels. It will derive some or all its power from rechargeable batteries which requires connection to the electricity grid (plug-in). This includes fully chargeable and plug-in hybrid cars, motorbikes, buggies, scooters, mopeds, bicycles, utility vehicles and tracked vehicles.

4. Domestic chargers are not permitted at the Property

4.1 Most EVs are supplied with a domestic charger, commonly known as a 'granny charger' or a ‘trickle charger’. These cables recharge the EV using a domestic power source via a 3-pin wall socket.

4.2 Domestic chargers are not suitable for use in the Property and will create a fire hazard. The use of domestic chargers is strictly forbidden.

4.3 We retain the right to carry out reasonable inspection, on a without notice basis, to ensure that granny chargers are not in use in the Property.

4.4 You are solely liable for any damage or loss suffered by us as a result of your unauthorised use of domestic chargers.

5. Dedicated charging points

5.1 We do not have on-site charging facilities at the Property and you must make your own arrangements for EV charging.

Safety Notices

We want you to be safe while staying with us. Please consider the following points carefully and communicate them to everyone in your party.

Be aware of uneven ground with many potential slip and trip hazards. All areas of our grounds, the quayside, and the road suffer from land shrinkage and subsidence. Wooden walkways can be slippery, especially when wet.

There is deep water adjacent to the property with a risk of drowning. Wearing of buoyancy aids is highly recommended when you are close to the river. All sizes are available on request and some are already provided in your holiday home. Make yourself aware of life-ring and escape ladder locations.

Water sports are highly discouraged. You MUST insure all persons against accident and injury if you choose such an activity. Our grounds and access to the river are not designed for water sport activities and we will not be responsible for related injuries sustained.

Infection/Disease from river water. If you come into contact with river water or wet ground, there is a small risk of catching Leptospirosis (Weil's disease) or suffering exposure to Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). See the detailed description of symptoms in your property manual and online.

Small children and windows. Some windows are accessible by small children, carrying the risk of a fall from height and unattended access to the river. Window locks are available on request.

Safety Notices - Eagle Cottage (only)

Baths are slippery and a fall hazard. Non-slip bath mats are available on request.

Steep stairs (and limited head-room at one point) provide access to the first floor and it's balcony. Hold the handrail provided and move slowly. For the purposes of fire escape, only fully fit and agile people should use the first floor.

Access to the rooftop is easily gained by climbing from the balcony area, with a risk of falling and death. Children must be supervised by an adult when on the balcony. Under no circumstances should a person climb on to the roof.

A privately owned boat is moored adjacent to Eagle Cottage. It may not be boarded and represents a safety hazard - particularly to children.