Looking after our guests

On Arrival

On your arrival date our site manager will be present, and if you wish, help you with the task of moving items from your vehicle into the property. If you are borrowing mobility aids from us, these will be delivered or installed as appropriate. We will make sure you get connected to our wifi service and that you know how to operate items such as heating, TV etc. If you need to moor a day boat near your property we will show you the location (prior permission needed). We will also make sure you know where the local shops are and the best reviewed local restaurants. Before finishing our working day we will check if you are settled in OK.

Daily Service

Our manager/concierge will be on site every day and also available by phone for any serious problems that might occur out of hours. She/He will check in with you daily and if something’s not right work to address it. Typically, you might need replacement bedding or instruction in operating an appliance. We love to stop and have a chat but if more appropriate we will be very brief. Rubbish and recycling will be removed for you as needed.

We will also be ready to help with the following services:

  • Mobility Assistance - Help with the physical effort required to move people in wheelchairs in and out of the property or reconfiguration of mobility aids.

  • Medical Assistance - Making or assisting with calls to local healthcare services for appointments. Arranging transportation where the medical need warrants it. Being a helpful friend when you most need it!

  • Fishing Expertise - Directing you to local sources of information and expertise.

  • Lost Equipment Recovery - Provide service to scour the river bed with grappling hooks and strong magnet, should any fishing equipment (or other) items be lost in the river.

  • Taxi - Making calls necessary to book a ride as required.

  • Restaurants & Pubs - Advising on location, style, and reputation of establishments nearby. Making calls necessary to book a table on behalf of guests.

  • Tourist & Wildlife Attractions - Advising on location, features and reputation. Providing further sources of information such as leaflets and online presence.

  • Motor Vehicle Care - Assisting directly with minor defect resolution. Advising on suitable local mechanic services, and calling for assistance where required. Cleaning of external bodywork where trees and local wildlife have left damaging deposits.

… and any other reasonable request that is within our capability to provide.

On Departure

On your day of departure we will be sad to see you go of course, but will be glad to help with the moving of luggage if desired.