Our Response to COVID-19

We have made a number of changes to our service in order to help protect you and our staff during your stay.

Our cleaning protocols have been enhanced to include use of PPE, certified sanitisers and a commercial grade fogging machine. All touch points are sanitised. Your glasses, cutlery and crockery can be found in the dishwasher on arrival.

Fogging and sanitisation using our commercial grade fogging machine

  • We commit to keeping our distance from you.

  • We request you keep 2m distance from all neighbours and our staff. Do not enter a neighbouring property. Follow social distancing guidance and wash those hands!

  • A complimentary cleaning kit is provided: Hand soap, sanitiser spray, & cloth.

  • Non-essential items (touch points) have been removed from properties (books, ornaments, some kitchen utensils, and DVD players).

  • The number of bed pillows and lounge cushions have been reduced to allow a seven day rotation in/out.

  • On your day of departure we ask you to remove towels, the first layer of bedding, place by the door, and open all windows. We remove under-bedding.

Despite the changes above we remain committed to help you enjoy your stay and will respond to any reasonable request for additional household equipment or cleaning supplies. Staff will be on site daily and look forward to helping you while operating safely.

Booking in 2021: In the event of a legally enforced travel ban we will happily move your booking to any other available date or property, this year or next, without a change fee (price band increase may apply and terms apply). Please ask us for any further clarification.